PhD program in
Genetics and Molecular and Structural Evolution  
Coordinated by Prof. Mariano Rocchi

  Primate evolution; evolutionary centromere repositioning...

  M.Rocchi, N.Archidiacono, M.Ventura

The group has defined the chromosomal synteny arrangement of several primate species, using molecular cytogenetic techniques, BAC clones in particular.
The detailed comparison of primates' karyotypes allowed the reconstruction of the evolutionay history of all human chromosomes.

In some cases these works have been crucial in the correct sequence assembly. The following web pages display in a user friendly, figurative way, the chromosomal organization of macaque, orangutan, Hoolock leuconedys (gibbon), Nomascus leucogenys (gibbon), Hylobates lar (gibbon), Callitrix jacchus (marmoset).

Published papers (selection) (click to download the pdf)

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