PhD program in
Giuseppe Corriero
Dept. of Biologia animale e ambientale
Via Orabona 4
70126 Bari
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fax +39-080-544.3351
  Environmental Sciences
Coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Corriero

Academic staff (telephone, e-mail)

Main research topics:

1. Assessment of the marine living resources
   (Tursi, D'Onghia, Maiorano, Sion)

2. Deep-sea species, communities, and ecosystems
   (D'Onghia, Tursi, Maiorano, Sion, Mastrototaro)

3. Alien species
   (Corriero, Cecere, Mastrototaro)

4. Natural resources conservation
   (Corriero, Nonnis Marzano, Tursi, D'Onghia, Maiorano, Sion, Bottalico, Cecere, Mastrototaro)

5. Sustainable aquaculture
   (Corriero, Nonnis Marzano, Bottalico, Stabili)

6. Landscape Ecology

7. Defense response of plants to biotic and abiotic stresses
   (Tommasi, Paciolla, de Pinto)

8. Antioxidants and cellular redox state in plants
   (Tommasi, Paciolla, de Pinto)