PhD program in
  Environmental Sciences
Coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Corriero

Assessment of the marine living resources

  A. Tursi, G. D'Onghia, P. Maiorano, L. Sion

In the past 20 years studies on the population dynamics and exploitation conditions of the biological resources were carried out as part of several National and International projects. One of them (MEDITS) started since 1994 and it is still on-going. Trawl surveys and experimental long-line cruises were conducted throughout the Mediterranean. Reproduction, recruitment, growth and mortality of biological resources distributed from the continental shelf to the slope were investigated. This type of applied research gave the opportunity to interact with European and Italian decision makers providing management measures for the living resources of the Ionian Sea according to the European Fishery Policy.

Published papers (selection) (click to download the pdf)

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