PhD program in
  Environmental Sciences
Coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Corriero

  Landscape Ecology

  P. Mairota

Theoretical, methodological and operational issues relevant to the ecology, conservation and management of forest and semi-natural ecosystems with regard to other landscape elements, are tackeld mainly in the Mediterranean environment and according to Landscape ecology paradigm.

Current projects mainly focus on modelling species distribution, habitat functional connectivity and landscape change within the context of biodiversity conservation at the landscape scale and in the light of climate change.

These are challenging issues in the field of biological diversity conservation and wise designation and integrated management of protected areas. They allow for a conceptual switch from polarising, binary landscape perspectives (i.e. traditional ecological networks) to ones that embody ecological continuity, which might have crucial consequences for maintaining biodiversity at landscape scale. Moreover they attain, on the one hand, the degree to which species persist in fragmented landscapes and the biological consequences of habitat loss and population isolation, including ecosystem dynamics, and, on the ther hand, the spread of alien and invasive terrestrial species in connection to the environmental and economic impacts brought about by lifeforms finding themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Published papers (selection) (click to download the pdf)

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Minunno F, Leronni V, Tarantino C, Mininni M, Mairota P. (2007). Landscape fragmentation as an indicator of coastal landscape quality: an application along the Apulian coast  (southern Italy). In  IALE Publication Series 4 ISBN 978 90 78514 02 2, p 439 & CD-ROM attached. In: Bunce R.G.H., Jongman R.H.G., Hojas L., Weel S. 2007 25 Years of Landscape Ecology:Scientific Principles in Practice. Wageningen  The Netherlands, 8-12 July 2007, WAGENINGEN, p. 439, ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 978 90 78514

Mairota P., Mininni Mv, Lafortezza R, Padoaschioppa E (a cura di) (2008). Ecologia e Governance del Paesaggio - ATTI DEL X CONGRESSO NAZIONALE SIEP IALE. BARI: Università degli Studi di Bari, p. 1-501, ISBN: 978-88-900865-3-3

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