PhD program in
  Environmental Sciences
Coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Corriero

  Natural resource conservation and management

  G.Corriero, C.Nonnis Marsano, A.Tursi, G.D'Onghia, P.Maiorano, L.Sion, A.Bottalico, E.CecereF.Mastrototaro

The project is aimed at improving the knowledge of both terrestrial and marine ecosystems in protected areas, and, in particular, on species and sites of interest for the community. Special attention is paid to habitats such as wetlands, Posidonia oceanica meadows, and coralligenous formations. Emphasis is given to creating a better understanding of community complexity and processes, as well as to the assessment of biodiversity. This includes identification and monitoring of species, following the "ecosystem approach" which is the primary framework for the implementation of the Convention on Biodiversity. The research staff includes people with taxonomic skills, able to precisely classify the vast majority of vegetal and animal taxa and also to monitor subtle changes in the distribution and abundance of species. Collected data are analyzed in the frame of population modelling over decades. Indicator species are used for the assessment of environmental quality.

Published papers (selection) (click to download the pdf)

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