Alphoid probes  

 Chr. 1-5-19

  Chr. 2

Chr. 3

Chr. 4 

Chr. 5-19

Chr. 6

Chr. 7

Chr. 8 

 Chr. 9


Chr. 11

Chr. 12 

 Chr. 13-21

Chr. 14-22

Chr. 15

Chr. 16

 Chr. 17

  Chr. 18

Chr. 19-1-5

Chr. 20 

Chr. 21-13

Chr. 22

Chr. X  

Chr. Y

additional repetitive (or similar) probes  

pUC177: 1q12* 

bA79E5 1q12

 pLAY113.5: Yq12

 dJ1174A5:  NORs 

Details on plasmids, insert size...

The specificity of the alphoid probes varies greatly, depending on their sequence. We have assigned a score of HIGH, MEDIUM, and LOW according to the intensity of the crosshybridization signals.
The specificity can be increased by increasing the hybridization stringency conditions or adding few ug (2-6) of Cot1 DNA.

Usually we use 20-100 ng of probe for each experiment.

* courtesy of Dr. Yuri Yurov (