Details on plasmids

probe chrom. vector insert release resistance reference
pAL1 1 bluescribe 500+500bp HindIII amp 1
pBS4D 2 bluescribe 1.3kb EcoRI+SalI amp 2
pX2 2 bluescript amp -
pAE0.68 3 bluescribe 0.68kb EcoRI amp 3
p4n1/4 4 bluescript 0.680kb XbaI amp 4
pZ4.1 4+9 bluescribe 1.2kb PstI amp 1
pZ5.1 5+1+19 pUC13 390+380bp EcoRI+SalI amp 1
pG-A16 5+19 pSPb4 3 kb EcoRI+HindIII amp 10
pEDZ6 6 bluescript 0.340 EcoRI amp 1
pZ7.5 7 pUC13 0.68kb EcoRI amp 1
pZ8.4 8 bluescribe 1.2kb PstI amp 1
pMR9A 9 bluescribe 0.34kb EcoRI+SalI amp 5
pZ101.3 10 b.script 2.7kb NotI+SalI amp 1
pRB11 11 bluescribe 0.68kb EcoRI+SalI amp 1
pBR12 12 bluescribe 0.68kb HindIII amp 6
p14.1 14+22 pUC13 1.36Kb EcoRI+SalI amp 1
pMC15 15 bluescript 3.5kb AccI+1site (Eco-Xho) amp 1
pZ16A 16 pUC13 0.68kb EcoRI amp 1
pZ17-14 17 pUC19 1.020kb HindIII amp 1
2Xba 18 pUC18 1.7kb XbaI amp 1
pZ20 20 bluescribe 1.36kb XbaI amp 7
pZ21A 21+13 bluescribe 0.85kb EcoRI amp 1
pI90.22 22 bluescribe 2.0kb PstI amp 8
pDMX1 X bluescript 2.0kb PstI amp 1
pLAX X bluescript 0.68kb amp -
pLAY5.5 Y bluescript 5.5kb HindIII amp 1
pLAY113.5 Yqh bluescript 3.5kb HaeIII amp  
bA97G24 1q12  BAC     chlor.  
pUC177  1q12  plasmid     amp  


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