Scuola Europea di Citogenetica APS

European School of Cytogenetics

The Scuola Europea di Citogenetica - SEC (European School of Cytogenetics) is an APS (non-profit association) under the responsability of Prof. Mariano Rocchi, President of the E.C.A. (European Cytogeneticsts Association) and Emeritus Professor of the University of Bari. SEC was created to support the Nîmes and Goldrain courses.  

Scuola Europea di Citogenetica APS

Sede legale c/o Città Giardino 36, 70016 Noicattaro (BA), Italy

Codice Fiscale 93537270725

RUNTS 98223 28/02/2023



Presidente Mariano Rocchi
Tl +39 349 567 3558

Goldrain course 2023     

16th Goldrain Course in Clinical Cytogenetics (Goldrain castle - Coldrano, South Tyrol, Italy)
22-28 August 2023    
Director of the Course: Prof. Albert Schinzel, Zurich University.
Programme Committee: A. Schinzel, M. Rocchi, J-M. Dupont, K. Miller, A. Baumer, E. Klopocki

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Nîmes course 2024

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