Scuola Europea di Citogenetica APS

European School of Cytogenetics

The Scuola Europea di Citogenetica - SEC (European School of Cytogenetics) is an APS (non-profit association) under the responsability of Prof. Mariano Rocchi, President of the E.C.A. (European Cytogeneticsts Association) and Emeritus Professor of the University of Bari. SEC was created to support the Nîmes and Goldrain courses.  

17th Goldrain Course in Clinical Cytogenetics, 20-26 August, 2024 (arrival 19, departure 27).

The course covers all aspects of clinical cytogenetics in depth, including prenatal and postnatal dysmorphology, genetic counselling and ethical issues.

Please note that the course is not for beginners. At least one year's experience in the sector is required.

Goldrain castle


Venue: Goldrain castle - South Tyrol, Italy  map1    map2    map of the castle and pensions.     Travel tips

Directors of the CourseProf. Albert Schinzel, Zurich University and Prof. Mariano Rocchi, University of Bari
Programme Committee: A. Schinzel, M. Rocchi, J-M. Dupont, K. Miller, A. Baumer, E. Klopocki, K. Madan
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Application procedure.
 The administrative part of the Goldrain course is managed by the non-profit association Scuola Europea di Citogenetica APS (SEC APS; European School of Cytogenetics) purposely founded in Bari, Italy, by the President of the ECA (European Cytogeneticists Association) to support the administrative fulfillment of the course. A non-profit association has the advantage of being exempt from 22% VAT for the activities organized for its members. This means that the first step is the application to become member of the SEC APS Association (membership is 1,00). SEC membership expires on December 31st of the year in which it was made. No obligation, no automatic renewal.

Goldrain course Application Form    -   SEC APS Application Form

In due course, the 2023 program will be adjusted as needed for 2024.

Group photo from previous courses:  2024  2023

European Diploma in Classical and Molecular Cytogenetics,
Nîmes, March, 2025

This course is laboratory oriented and includes cancer cytogenetics, chromosome structure, molecular mechanisms of chromosome abnormalities and plant and animal cytogenetics.