From Cytog. Cell Genet. 68:25-32 (1995), with kind permission.

This example shows the final experiments aimed at characterizing a marker chromosome (M) found in the HeLa cell line, following the results (using hybrids containing whole chromosomes) that it was constituted by chromosome #9 and #11 (not shown).

(a) The conclusive results on the contribution of chromosome 9 were obtained using the PCP #76, which recognizes the region 9qter->9q34. The complex analysis of the contribution of chromosome #11 to the marker chromosome was performed using the following PCPs:

(b) PCP #41 (11pter->11cen, yellow signal), cohybridized with a whole-chromosome 11 painting library (red signal);

(c) PCP#16 (11pter->11q23, yellow signal), cohybridized with PCP #41 (11pter->11cen, red signal);

(e) PCP #56 (11q12, 11q13, and 11q23, Fig. 8d); PCP #61 (11p11->11q13).

A normal chromosome #9 or #11, from the same metaphase, are reported on the right of the marker.

(f) shows the results of a PRINS experiment on the marker chromosome, using Alu primers.

The combined data from the reported experimental results suggest that the marker chromosome can be described as reported in the diagram (g).