Summarizing table

MMU chr. HSA chr. Rearrangement
In the ancestor of Reference
1 1 inversion RP11-572K18/RP11-331H2 RP4-621O15 cen CH250-471F6 OWM Our unpublished data
2 3 inversion RP11-177B11 RP11-240N7 not found CH250-453O21 OWM Ventura et al. 2004
inversion tel SD not found  SD Hominoidea
inversion RP11-616M11  RP11-924M2/RP11-787P10 CH250-398B15  SD HSA-PTR-GGO
3 7/21 fusion         MMU Muller et al. 2004
inversion RP11-606M6 SD SD SD HSA-PTR-GGO
4 6 inversion RP11-507C10 RP11-815N24 CH250-424P03 not found OWM Eder et al.2003
5 4 inversion RP11-367P3 cen CH250-134C7  cen MMU Our unpublished data
6 5 colinear           Our unpublished data
7 14/15 fission         Hominoidea Ventura et al. 2003
8 8 colinear           Our unpublished data
9 10 inversion RP11-591H22 RP11-322M19 CH250-166F20  SD HSA-PTR Carbone et al. 2002
10 20/22 fusion         MMU Misceo et al. 2005
20 inversion tel cen  not found cen HSA-PTR-GGO
11 12 colinear           Our unpublished data
12 2q inversion RP11-109E12 SD SD tel HSA-PTR-GGO Our unpublished data
13 2p inversion cen  fusion region SD SD HSA-PTR Our unpublished data
12/13 2 fusion         HSA Our unpublished data
14 11 inversion SD SD CH250-449J9 CH250-205J17 HSA-PTR-GGO Cardone et al. 2007
15 9 inversion RP11-520B13/RP11-330M2 cen CH250-369C10 not found HSA-PTR  Our unpublished data
16 17 inversion SD SD SD SD HSA-PTR-GGO Our unpublished data
17 13 colinear         Cardone et al. 2006
18 18 inversion tel cen tel not found HSA Our unpublished data
19 19 colinear           Our unpublished data
20 16 colinear           Misceo et al. 2003

Splitting BACs are in regular style; overlapping or contiguous BACs are shown in Italics

SD = Segmental duplications

cen = break in the centromere

tel = break in the telomere

BP1 = first breakpoint of the rearrangement

BP2 = second breakpoint of the rearrangement