The figure shows the synteny block organization in macaque and human chromosomes. Each syntenic block is shown with a different color. The syntenic block numbering corresponds to the human chromosomal arrangement. A and B letters indicate the start and the end of each syntenic block.

Ancestral inactivated centromere
Ancestral centromere
Evolutionary neocentromere

The table lists the human BACs giving FISH signals on macaque, ordered according to their inferred position on the macaque chromosomes. The first column reports the orientation of each segment with respect to the orientation of the human sequence. The second column shows the number of each syntenic block. The yellow rows indicate splitting or overlapping human BACs spanning the breakpoints. The orange rows indicate macaque BAC clones (CH250 library) that span the synteny breaks. MS stands for multiple signals; NS for no signal; DUP for duplicated.