PhD School in

Evolutionary and Environmental Sciences
Scienze Evoluzionistiche ed Ambientali
Coordinator: Prof. Giuseppe Corriero

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Sahin et al.:Telomere dysfunction induces metabolic and mitochondrial compromise. Nature 470:359-365 (2011).    E il commento: Ageing theories unified

Stofer et al.: Putting the ‘landscape’ in landscape genetics. Heredity 98:128-142 (2007)
Hansen et al.: Landscape genetics goes to sea. J Biol 6:6 (2007)

Lister et al.: Hotspots of aberrant epigenomic reprogramming in human induced pluripotent stem cells. Nature in press (2011).
Manning G, Scheeff E: How the vertebrates were made: selective pruning of a double-duplicated genome. BMC Biol 8:144 (2010).
Zhou et al.: Experimental selection of hypoxia-tolerant Drosophila melanogaster. Proc Natl Acad Sci (2011).
Hobolth et al: Incomplete lineage sorting patterns among human, chimpanzee and orangutan suggest recent orangutan speciation and widespread selection. Genome Res (2011).