PhD program in
  Genetics and Molecular and Structural Evolution  
Coordinated by Prof. Mariano Rocchi

  Cell mediated immunity

S.Ciccarese, R.Antonacci

Evolution of multigenic families in cell-mediated immunity

Genomic, functional and comparative analysis of T cell receptor genes in mammals

(IMGT Repertoire (IG and TR)

Published papers (selection) (click to download the pdf)

Di Tommaso S, Antonacci R, Ciccarese S, Massari S: Extensive analysis of D-J-C arrangements allows the identification of different mechanisms enhancing the diversity in sheep T cell receptor beta-chain repertoire. BMC Genomics 11:3 (2010)

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Vaccarelli G, Miccoli MC, Antonacci R, Pesole G, Ciccarese S: Genomic organization and recombinational unit duplication-driven evolution of ovine and bovine T cell receptor gamma loci. BMC Genomics 9:81 (2008)

Antonacci R, Di Tommaso S, Lanave C, Cribiu EP, Ciccarese S, Massari S: Organization, structure and evolution of 41kb of genomic DNA spanning the D-J-C region of the sheep TRB locus. Mol Immunol 45:493-509 (2008)

Miccoli MC, Vaccarelli G, Lanave C, Cribiu EP, Ciccarese S: Comparative analyses of sheep and human TRG joining regions: Evolution of J genes in Bovidae is driven by sequence conservation in their promoters for germline transcription. Gene 355:67-78 (2005)

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Vaccarelli G, Miccoli MC, Lanave C, Massari S, Cribiu EP, Ciccarese S: Genomic organization of the sheep TRG1@ locus and comparative analyses of Bovidae and human variable genes. Gene 357:103-114 (2005)

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