PhD program in
  Genetics and Molecular and Structural Evolution  
Coordinated by Prof. Mariano Rocchi

  Structural and evolutionary aspects of gut and liver in vertebrates

  D.Ferri, E.Liquori, M.Mastrodonato, G.Scillitani

1.    Comparative histology of vertebrate digestive system: functional and evolutionary aspects;
2.    Gastric-juice secreting cells: evolution and diversity;
3.    Glycohistochemistry of gastrointestinal mucins;
4.    Immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry of aquaporins in normal and pathologic hepatogastric system;
5.    Liver regeneration: histochemical and zonal ultrastructural aspects;
6.    Hepatic steatosis: qualitative and quantitative analysis in pathologic and experimental conditions.

Published papers (selection) (click to download the pdf)

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