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Rearrangements of chromosome 17 in neuroblastoma tumours (January 1999)

On behalf of the UK Cancer Cytogenetics Group, we are compiling a database of unbalanced translocations and other rearrangements of chromosome 17 in neuroblastoma. We would be very keen to collaborate with other European centres with retrospective and/or prospective data from classical cytogenetics (± metaphase FISH). The objectives are to identify the range and frequencies of 17q translocations with various partner chromosomes, and to establish whether different unbalanced 17q abnormalities have different prognostic associations.

For further information, please contact

Nick Bown / Seamus O'Neill

Department of Human Genetics,
University of Newcastle upon Tyne,
19/20 Claremont Place,
Newcastle upon Tyne.  NE2 4AA.  
Tel  +44-191-222-7572
Fax +44-191-222-7194

Subject: 4q abnormalities

From: Soraya Beiraghi --UNMCVM (SBEIRAGH)

We need families with 4q21.1 breakpoint. We are specially interested if they have orofacial clefts. However we will welcome any family with this region breakpoint. I would like to mention that this will be collaborative research project which is ongoing at present time. We need help in collecting more families. Please let me know if you do have cases or know the professional who might have such patients. Thank you for your time and help.Sincerely, Soraya Beiragh

From:  Soraya  Beiraghi 
Here is my complete address:
Dr. Soraya Beiraghi
University of Nebraska
Medical Center
600 South 42nd street
Omaha, NE 68198-5450
Fax#. (402)-559-5737

Mosaicism for duplications or extra marker chromosomes

For a molecular cytogenetic study, the team at the Institute of Medical Genetics, University of Zürich, Switzerland, asks for cooperation. We need heparinized blood and DNA from patients and DNA from both parents. The aim of the study is to trace back origin and stage at which and the mechanism how the aberration was formed.

For further information, please contact
Albert Schinzel,
Institute of Medical Genetics
Rämistr. 74
CH-8001 Zürich, Switzerland
Tel. +41-1-634.25.21
Fax  +41-1-634.49.16