Human Cytogenetics Forum: HC Forum ®

Olivier Cohen,
Genetics Team, TIMC, UMR 5525 CNRS-UJF, IMAG, Faculty of Medicine of Grenoble, La Tronche France

HC Forum® is a repository of raw data relevant to familial structural abnormalities of autosomes. HC Forum® stores data from published papers and unpublished data from genetic medical centers.
The database currently contains anonymous genealogical data on 4175 families

HC Forum® offers three kinds of information:

(i) Assistance in diagnosis by instanta-neously representing the chromosome rearranged in accordance to the international nomenclature

(ii) Assistance in genetic counseling with an estimate of risk of malformation specific to each abnormality, based on original statistical models extracted from data. Much information related to the meiotic behavior of rearranged chromosomes and to natural selection is provided with educational information.

(iii) Assistance for research with cartographic representations of the chromosomal breakpoint distribution, and of the genome segments observed at birth in trisomy or monosomy and responsible for polymal-formation/mental retardation syndromes. Interactive screens allow the immediate acceptance of specific information related to the shown data, such as gene content through a link to Genatlas database, a contact for the senders of data, and references with their summary through a link to Pubmed (NCBI).

An international project

During the first year, HC Forum® was requested about 150,000 times, by about 800 different users from 45 different countries, all around the world (Europe, the United States and Canada, Australia...). HC Forum® constitutes a link between genetic medical centers and genome research laboratories.

Recently we have developed many dedicated tools and the new release is ready. The new HC Forum® will be made available soon and will be presented during the next ECA meeting in Paris.

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